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10,000 Reasons continued

Several months back, I posted my journal entries regarding key points in my journey of 1,000 Gifts and 10,000 Reasons.

Today I hit another marker.

I began my third journal.

Thursday 22 November 2012

I find it appropriate that today is Thanksgiving and here I am beginning my third journal of gifts…

I began on February 20th of this year. I reached 1,000 gifts on May 5th. That was also appropriate (and needed) timing. My first journal was 48 pages, containing 2,115 gifts and was closed out on July 4th.

My second journal began on July 5th and has 160 pages containing 2,379 gifts – blessings – graces for which I am thankful. I won’t take the time and space here to recount (again) the struggles and insights and lessons that I’ve mentioned at such junctions before.

But there are a few things I’ve noticed in the past weeks that I would like to make note of here:

  • It’s okay to list the same thing twice, especially since the gratitude has been renewed.
  • Sometimes at the end of the day looking back, I note things I wouldn’t have counted as gifts at first…
  • …but I want to get back into the habit of giving thanks in the moment.
  • I’m discovering that attitudes, choices, the ability to be disciplined and other such intangibles are really graces – and I am thankful for them.
  • I’ve realized that it is usually my roughest days (especially health-wise) that end up with the most gifts listed.
  • I’ve realized that busyness threatens my ability to see gifts and graces and to give thanks.

So, here we go… on to #4495 and following!

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