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“Her date was pleasant enough, but she knew that if her life was a movie this guy would be buried in the credits as something like ‘Second Tall Man.'”

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trial run….

So I’m trying something new.  I’m going off my diet and off my medications (and yes, I did talk to a doctor first).  Just for a month.  Trying to clear my system, so to speak.  It appears as though my body can’t handle meds long term- they seem to stop working.  So I’ll give my body a rest and start again in January.

I’m kinda excited about it.  I have plans for foods I want to eat during this month (like IHOP’s stuffed french toast) and I can touch plants and not worry about lotions and soaps on my skin.  And I am going to have one menthol-eucalyptus cough drop.  (Is it strange that of all the things I can’t have being on guai – like mint and aloe and regular toothpaste – it’s those little menthol-eucalyptus cough drops that I miss the most?)
Of course, I can’t go wild.  Because then it will be hard to go back to being careful about what I touch.  And I’m already feeling the effects of being off the diet (started Thanksgiving with that one).  So I’ll have to be mostly good… but still…
And as excited as I am, and hopeful that this little experiment will work to jump start my body… I am nervous about how I might feel.  If I get sicker or feel worse (though likely to feel better at least for a week or so)…. So prayers – for strength and endurance and discernment are appreciated!  So are prayers for healing…

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So this Christmas I am directing the drama part of the musical at church.  Which is almost funny to say because there really isn’t any drama inherent in the actual cantata.  Just some narration which is mostly scripture.  But God gave me a beautiful idea and now it is like choreographing a huge mime piece – it’s all silent drama to the songs (in between narration).  I’m pretty excited.  Also excited about the promo material I’m creating…

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“If the wonder’s gone when the truth is known, there never was any wonder.”

~ Dr. Gregory House

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