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I came across this the other day… I had written it like 3 or 4 years ago for a writing challenge on FaithWriters.com and thought it would be good to post here (now that I have a blog)!! It is actually a written description of a mime piece my team did in college. Enjoy!

Music begins, simple guitar strings. A deep bass string gives an ominous overtone to the lighter plucked ones. Jesus and His disciples enter the garden. He motions for them to keep watch and pray. He walks further and collapses to His knees.

Across town, one of the chief priests empties a bag of silver coins into the hands of Judas. The clatter of the coins echoes through the night like seeds falling inside a hollow branch. Judas informs them that the signal will be a kiss. With Judas in the lead, the chief priests and guards march towards the garden. Their feet fall heavy to the steady rhythm of the bass string.

In the midst of the garden the disciples are already drawing heavy eyes. Jesus prays; the thick night mist enveloping Him like a fog rolling onto the shore from the depths of the sea. He looks up, seeing in a vision what will come to pass in just a few hours. It is morning, He is bloody and beaten, dragging a heavy wooden beam towards Golgotha. Jesus shivers. Lightning flashes through His mind, illumining the pain He must endure. A cold stormy wind cuts through Him, chilling His bones and His soul. His fists clench as if to grasp some sort of light, some sort of peace, but the cup He is about to drink offers nothing to hold onto. It is a rolling ocean. Jesus picks up the cup and stares into the dark depth of sins it holds. He pushes it away in disgust. He looks to His Father.

The heavy thumping of the marching mass draws nearer. Jesus stands and returns to His disciples. They sleep. He wakes them and asks again for them to keep watch and pray. He returns to His solitude and begins to pray again. He looks up a second time, seeing another vision. This time He is at Golgotha, a hardened Roman soldier nailing a long spike into His wrists. He cannot breath. Fear tries to creep into His heart. He begs for mercy for the visions. A silent weary tear makes a path down His face as He glances to where His friends have fallen asleep yet again. He knows that they mean to love Him, but He is just a lonely sailor on a stormy sea.

Jesus spots the cup. Picking it up again, He smells the wretched wickedness which fills its golden filigreed adornment. The stench is overwhelming and He thrusts the cup away from Him. He looks again to His father. Must I? Somewhere in the heavenly realms thousands of angels sing a mournful song that sounds like wind whistling through sails on a stormy sea. He stands to go and wake the disciples, pleading with them to pray. But He decides to let them sleep. Dropping to His knees again He runs His finger along the rim of the cup. He dips a finger into the cup, barely touching the vile liquid. It burns His finger.

The music picks up, the bass string getting ever louder and ever menacing. The pounding of hundreds of marching feet cause the ground beneath them to tremble. As Jesus prays once more, a final vision is given. It is three days later, the stone is rolled away and His grave clothes are neatly folded. He walks out of the tomb. He lives. Jesus knows the end, yet this distant triumph is no real friend as He faces the stormy night ahead. He looks to His father for comfort, knowing how much His father loves Him. He knows what He must do. He glances down at His calloused hands. They have healed the sick and calmed the sea. He gently touches each wrist. He can already feel the spikes.

Jesus picks the cup up a last time. The chief priests and guards enter the garden. Jesus nods in acceptance of His father’s will. The pounding beat of the music grows louder. Jesus drinks the cup. The ground trembles under the marching feet. Jesus stands. He calls for His disciples. They stand, disoriented. Judas leads the mass to his master. His heart beats violently. The disciples shudder. Jesus is calm. He turns to Judas.

The music returns to the simple rhythm with which it began. Judas takes those last few steps toward Jesus. The final strum of the bass string resounds as Judas leans in to kiss His friend. The world is motionless. The music ends.

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Oh a year or so ago my cousin got me “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge for birthday or Christmas and I am finally getting around to reading it (my “to read” list is huge)! And I have to admit that – even only 10 pages in – I am loving it. Even more than I expected (and I expected to like the book)!

So last night as I was reading before bed I got into the part where they’re talking about how men and women are created in the image of God. And they mentioned how women are uniquely in the image of God (and men are uniquely in the image of God).

Then they got to the part where they mention the 3 things every woman desires in her heart: to be romanced, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure and to unveil beauty. And though I think the fulfillment of that looks different in different women, I can see it being true. (And it certainly is for me – my whole Anatole saga makes that obvious.)

Then they described the desire to be romanced as “to be desired, to be pursued by one who loves you, to be someone’s priority.” And a new thought dawned – That desire isn’t necessarily a bad thing! And a new correlation dawned – That is part of us being in the image of God!

Now they never specifically made the correlation (at least not yet) between us being in the image of God and the “‘3 things” being part of that image. But I did. Remembering some of the buzz and talk when the original guy’s book “Wild at Heart” came out, I knew there were three things listed there as well. So what if those 6 things are part of the image of God that we bear?

1. ‘To desired, pursued and someone’s priority.” I can see how that would be fulfilled within the Trinity – and the Bible does talk about how God wants us to desire and pursue Him – and for Him to be our priority (Shema/Greatest Commandment, how He is a jealous God, etc…)!

2. “To play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure.” Each member of the Trinity has different (yet intertwining) and irreplaceable roles – and played the greatest roles in the human adventure.

3. “to unveil beauty.” Now I’m not sure how they are going to describe this one (haven’t read that far yet), but unveiling beauty seems to be very much something God does…

4. “a battle to fight.” Calvary. Enough said.

5. “an adventure to live.” Back to the whole human adventure thing…

6. “a beauty to rescue.” Try reading Hosea – the other prophets – the Gospels!

Now my Trinitarian theology makes me feel the need to say that God doesn’t “need” anything (from us) because there is completion within the Trinity – but perhaps that’s just it – perhaps those things are already fulfilled within the Trinity.

And my other hesitation at first was questioning how “biblical” it is for us to NEED those things. But if they are reflections of the image of God and then we first get fulfillment for those things in God and then (secondarily) in relationships with others (spouses and communities – after all, God created us for those relationships, too) – then why is it a bad thing?

Which is a huge relief! It’s okay for me to desire to be loved and pursued. I have found fulfillment of that in my relationship with God (though I am continually learning to accept and live it). And it is okay for me to desire that in an intimate spousal relationship that (I’m hoping) God someday provides.

What is not okay – and perhaps this is part of how sin has marred the original design – is for me to pursue those desires wantonly, without discernment, without seeking God or with seeking it from humans over and above God? Hence the godly desire is okay, but being a people pleaser (and fearing humans more than God) is not okay.

And those are the exciting thoughts that were in my head as I fell asleep last night – simply from about 3 pages of reading. I think I’m going to enjoy this book!

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From today’s Finan reading (from Celtic Daily Prayers):

“We are not asked to live a blinkered or protected existence in a safe, ivory-towered environment. We are sent to walk confidently with a pure heart into the world of people and culture and pain and pressure. It need not contaminate us, if only we live the life that has taken root deep inside of us. God wants to plant us in places where we can make a difference and be His presence – not in any self-conscious way.

There may be times when we need to speak out, opt out explain our beliefs are different from those around us – but we should not provoke confrontations or become defensive. These times, when they happen, may lead to miracles or to persecution – or both.”

~ Columbanus

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