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“Don’t even go there,” he said.

I opened my mouth to defend myself but the solemn look in his eyes caused me to shut it again.

“I know,” he continued. “I know there is much on your mind. I know you want to be writing right now. And, yes, it is something to which I have called you. I know – believe me, I know! I made you, remember? – that you needed the extra sleep. I gave it to you. And I know you were up late working on that dream  to which I have called you. But don’t start pushing me out, short-changing me, brushing off our special times because you feel rushed to get it all done. It will come.  Remember, I have given you everything you need: strength, skill, passion, creativity and, yes, even time.  I have and will continue to give everything you need to do what I ask of you. So you do your job and allow me to do mine. And for that to happen you can’t start neglecting our time. Make it a priority now, in the beginning, at the start. Create good habits, not bad ones.”

“Yes, Lord,” was my instant reply, “I’m sorry.”  Then I looked back up to him with a sheepish grin. “Thank you.”

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