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“Artists can color the sky red because they know it’s blue. Those of us who aren’t artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we’re stupid.” Jules Feiffer (a quote found in Woman’s Day magazine, February 2007)

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Something fishy….

Tonight for dinner I made fish in the dishwasher. And I got a load of dishes done at the same time!

It started about 2 weeks ago. I was driving to work and I heard the morning show hosts on Word FM talking about cooking fish in the dishwasher. I thought it was bizzarre. So did they. Then one of their listeners called in and said she’s done it multiple times. Then she gave the recipe!

I, of course, was driving and unable to write it down. But it’s been on my mind ever since.

I did some searching on the internet and found a couple of recipes. Always for salmon. But it was mentioned that other fish could be done as well. Allrecipes.com has one with lots of reviews. But the best information was on the Surreal Gourmet website. So I got up the nerve to try it.

I’d mentioned cooking fish in the dishwasher in passing to my parents. Who thought I was joking. (Which would be a natural reaction.) So today I quickly made a sauce, basted and tightly wrapped up my flounder in tin foil (sealing it in), placed it in the dishwasher with the dirty dishes, added the dishwasher soap and turned it on. Before anyone noticed what I was doing!

I figured the dishwasher cycle (normal cycle, including drying time) was about an hour. So I made country potatoes in the oven and prepared the vegetable and an appetizer. About 10 minutes before the potatoes and peas were done I served the appetizer (yummy spinach and artichoke dip). Of course, I underestimated the dishwasher cycle and the fish wasn’t done till nearly 30 minutes later… But the potatoes and peas were kept warm and I placed them on the table. Then I opened the dishwasher and removed the fish. At that point, too tired to make a pretty serving dish, I placed one foil packet on each plate.

The fish was delicious! Now, I am not a big fan of white fish. Or at least I wasn’t before. And I’ve never been able to cook it right. But this fish was tender, moist, flakey and so tasty! I’ve never had better fish.

I will totally do this again in the future!

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I’ve never been a waitress. I’ve had friends and family who were. And I’ve heard lots of stories. The ones that continually get to me are the ones where waitstaff hate Sundays. Because of the too often super-picky, self-absorbed, low-tipping Church crowd. And those who leave tracts INSTEAD of tips often close more doors than they open.

So I thought a conversation in my Sunday School class the other week was inspiring. Apparently there are a few families around who seek to serve as they are being served. Since they always pray before their meal (and then there are those semi-awkward moments when the server returns to the table while you’re praying), they started telling the server that they would be praying for their meal – and then they ask if there is anything they can pray for that server about.

I think it’s a cool idea. I mean, we should be serving others, right? And that’s a simple, real way to start.

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“Pennsylvania State Police…are investigating the theft of a Hunny Bun Tastykake at 9 PM Wednesday from the… convenience store… Police said the thief fled the store on foot after taking the cake and not paying for it.”

Welcome home.

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World Wonders

Apparently, there is a new list of 7 Wonders of the World. And I missed the voting process.

The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World were named by Philon of Byzantium in 200 B.C. – and only 1 remains today – which in itself might say something about “wonders” and endurance. They are: The Temple of Artemis, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Colossus of Rhodes, The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, The Lighthouse at Alexandria, The Pyramids at Giza and The Statue of Zeus. The pyramids are the only wonder left.

But our global culture has determined the need for new wonders (ones tourists can actually go see) and voted for them.

The new seven wonders are: Chichén Itzá in Mexico, Christ Redeemer in Brazil, The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu in Peru, Petra in Jordan, The Roman Colloseum in Italy and The Taj Mahal in India.

I wonder what Philon would think?

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Words for Thought…

“In every age and culture we tend to shape Jesus to our own image and make him over to our own needs in order to cope with the stress his unedited presence creates.”

“Blaise Pascal wrote, ‘God made man in his own image, and man returned the compliment.'”

(from “Above All” by Brennan Manning, pg. 52)

Lord, have mercy.

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Halfway there

I heard on the radio that today marks the halfway point of the year. So thought I’d review my “dreams and goals for 2007” and see where I’m at.

• I’ve lost 22 pounds so far and 7% fat weight. Have about 20 pounds to go yet and still in the “too high” fat percentage. • Prayer life is vascillating. For awhile I’m doing better, then I slack off. But still going… • I am halfway through and on track to read through the Bible this year! • I’ve been out 3 times this year with non-family members. Need to work more on relationships/friendships. • I haven’t touched my book yet. • I did finish and perform a solo mime show! Woo-Hoo! • I had one mime performance and this summer am teaching 6 “mime and movement” sessions at church. Have had one student so far. • I got a new job that I think I’m going to love that should cover my bills! • I haven’t read any books yet. • I did host a tea party with my new set. But thinking it’s about time for another… • Have not been as encouraging as I wanted – but I’ve had some streaks in there… • Still need to think of others more and myself less! • Haven’t touched my scrapbooks, they’re now 6 years behind. • I’ve overbooked myself twice, and am still overwhelming myself too much, mostly with things I want to do someday… • Have not yet come across my future husband – well, that I know of!

It’s good to go back through these. Get my bearings. A few things I’ve accomplished or am on track with. Several things I haven’t even started yet. But overall I’m not doing too badly. Halfway there!

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