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I love how one can read a familiar passage for what must be the thousandth time, and still something connects in a new way!

Take, for example, Exodus 3:9-12.

Moses is in the wilderness tending his father-in-law’s flocks. His early days of growing up in Pharaoh’s household are long behind him for he fled for his life after killing an Egyptian in defense of the people of his origins; the children of Israel. His attention is caught by a bush that is on fire, yet is not consumed. Strange sight in a desert, I’d say! When he goes to check it out, a voice speaks to him. It is God. God says that he has seen his people suffering and he’s about to do something about it.

That’s great! Moses must have thought. About time!

Then God says, “So come on, I’m sending you to do it.”

I imagine Moses’ excitement stopped cold, Say what?

And so we begin the famous conversation wherein Moses tries to back out of it all and God doesn’t let him.

But today’s verses only covered the first response, “Who am I? Why should I go?”

In Sunday school and in church and in studies and conversations we often talk about how Moses was the perfect choice. How from birth it seemed he had been set apart for this. Miraculously saved, raised in Pharaoh’s household with all sorts of education (and probably leadership skills), having a heart for his people, time in the wilderness, learning to lead a flock and so on and so forth…

So it struck me as odd today when God didn’t mention any of those things.

I would have. Isn’t that what we do when people fear to step out and follow the call of God or do great things? “God created you,” we say. “You have been given gifts and talents and skills,” we say. “God is using your experience to now accomplish His will,” we say.

And that is all most often true.

But that’s not what God said to Moses.

“I will be with you,” God said. And then he made Moses a promise that he and the people would worship God right where Moses was standing.

“I will be with you.”

You know, I think that’s the part that really mattered.

It wasn’t enough for Moses, he continued to argue for a bit… and it is true that God had been doing work in Moses’ life to lead him to that point…

But when it comes down to “Who am I? Why me?” the answer is “It’s not about you. It’s about Me (God). I will be with you. And that’s what matters.”


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