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Happy Creation Day!

From my calendar: “According to Bishop James Ussher (1581-1656), God created the universe on October 23, 4004 BC. That would make the universe 6000 years old in 1997 AD. James Ussher was an Irish Archbishop whose chronology of Biblical history was widely accepted throughout Christianity.”

I find this intriguing and amusing. Not least of all because October 23rd is my favorite day of the year.

Yay October 23rd!

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California or Bust

So in just 19 days I’ll be heading out to California.

I’m mainly going out for a doctor appointment. I haven’t seen my specialist in nearly 1.5 years and I should see him at least every year… and I’m very anxious to know if I’m still on track (progressing or regressing)… there are just a few symptoms I can’t put my finger on and want to know if it’s likely the FMS or something else…

But while I’m there I get to hang out with friends – and hit up some of my favorite spots like the beach, Universal Studios, Fuller and the Black Cow. I am very excited. If you’re a SoCal friend and want to see me while I’m out, let me know!

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Marcel Marceau died on September 22nd.

I read a news link sent to the mime list I am a part of on Sunday afternoon. And being right about the one month mark of Elmer’s passing, I have to say it hit me a bit harder than I would have expected.

I never met Marceau. I almost made it to Mimeistry’s 2002 workshop where he came and taught, and he was supposed to be there in 2003 when I was, but was unable to make it. Almost.

But I do know people who met him. People who felt privileged to have met and been taught by him. And I know people who knew him fairly well – people who spent much time with him, who were trained by him. And I know the impact he had on their lives.

I did get to see him perform once. I barely remember it as I was just a kid and it was a special field trip in elementary school. I’d nearly forgotten. In fact, it was nearly two years after I started doing mime that I caught up with a classmate who’d moved away and when I mentioned my newfound passion he said “Didn’t we see that famous mime guy in school?”

“Marceau?” I asked, incredulously, my mind and heart racing, “Are you telling me I saw Marcel Marceau and don’t remember it?”

When I got home I searched through all those papers Mom had kept from my school days and found the program from the show. It’s since been framed.

And I remember him doing a butterfly (mostly because the kid next to me leaned over and asked “what’s that supposed to be?”). And I have recalled other images from that day – Bip on a date, the Lion Tamer… just pieces…

Marceau was largely responsible for the revival of mime and the popularity of it here in American (and, I’m sure, elsewhere). And I am just a small part of a large community that was impacted by his life and his art. And I am grateful.

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