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A thought struck me yesterday as the pastor was preaching. In fact, it began when he mentioned a guy who had a thought strike him.  And I can’t remember the guy or the source, but I remember something about Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine (which seems rather mundane compared to casting out demons and raising the dead) being the key to rest of Jesus’ miracles, the Gospel and the Bible itself… because it’s about transformation.  It was a miracle of transformation.

And that got me thinking.

At the feast there were six stone water jars that were used by the people for washing themselves in the way that their religion said they must. Each jar held about twenty or thirty gallons. Jesus told the servants to fill them to the top with water. Then after the jars had been filled, he said, “Now take some water and give it to the man in charge of the feast.”  The servants did as Jesus told them, and the man in charge drank some of the water that had now turned into wine.

The water didn’t become wine until it was poured out.

Now the above translation is the Contemporary English Version.  Most translations simply say “take some and give it” rather than emphasizing “take some water.”  But I remember hearing a teaching or two before, talking about obedience, that brought out the same point:

The water didn’t become wine until it was poured out.

And that’s what got me thinking about transformation.

Because as long as the water remained in the pot, it was not transformed into wine.

I think sometimes we sit around waiting to be changed and transformed before we go out and serve or get involved in ministries or missions. As though our job is to sit on our keisters until we get changed from water to wine and are therefore worthy to serve.

And yes, it is Jesus who performs the miracle of transformation.  It’s not like we can pick ourselves up “by the bootstraps” and transform ourselves into what He wants us to be.

But that doesn’t mean we sit around on our keisters.

Because as long as the water stayed in the jars,  it was not transformed into wine.

I think perhaps we also need to be “poured out” because it is in the pouring out that Jesus works in and through us and transforms us.

Perhaps we need to be obedient in going and doing and serving where God leads, heeding His call and His word so that He can work the miracle of transformation in us.

It’s not about our works.

But it is about obedience.


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