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This is my big spring project. It’s why my time has been consumed and why I haven’t been blogging or sending newsletters or even keeping up with watering my poor plants. I am behind in correspondence and when it’s all over Saturday I have 2 more projects on my plate to get working on!

But I’m excited. I believe the vision for this musical is from God and I surely am not doing any of this in my own strength! Especially since discovering that managing and directing people is not one of my strengths! The musical is at the Jr. High school and our cast/crew is near 100 people. We are focusing on reaching out to the community with the truth of Jesus and to that effect we have a website dedicated to the musical (link in title). I believe God is doing something in our community and, given the vision for this all, believe that He is using this musical as part of that. Which is honoring and humbling. Especially considering my short comings and how I so quickly turn to fear and worry rather than trusting Him that it will actually turn out. To God be all the glory.

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