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Two things caught my attention this morning (from Psalm 18:16-19):

  • “He drew me out of many waters” (v.16)
  • “Because He delights in me” (v.19)

“Delights” is not the same Hebrew word as Zephaniah 3:17 (some translations say “He delights over you” but the word is more like “exult”) and it’s not the same Hebrew word as Psalm 37:4 (“Delight yourself in the Lord”).

I didn’t spend time doing a full word study, but I briefly ran through the translation-definition of the two “delights” (from Psalm 18 & Psalm 37) and the mental imagery I got was that the “delight” in Psalm 37:4 is much smaller than the “delights” in Psalm 18:19.  Not in importance, simply in magnitude.  Like the one from Psalm 37 is a droplet and the one from Psalm 18 is an ocean.

And it dawned on me that even if we “delight in” God with everything we’ve got, it is as nothing compared to how He delights in us!  How great is the love of the Father!

And this led me back to verse 16…

“He drew me out of many waters”

Right now many waters are all these stresses, to-dos, tasks and unfinished projects I feel like I’m drowning in.

Oh, Lord, draw me out of these waters of chaos and let me rest in your oceans of love!

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