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So I’m up later than I should be because I got pulled into a  movie I’ve seen a couple times before.  I believe it was the first Adam Sandler movie I ever actually liked.  50 First Dates.

And it was over half way through when I suddenly found myself crying… like bawling.  And look at me, it’s starting again.
It startled me.  I’ve seen this movie how many times? and may have teared up, but never quite had a thorough cry like that.  And it took me a few moments to figure out why.
It’s watching a guy love a woman so much, regardless of her “health” issues (serious as they are) and doing everything he can to make it work.  I want a guy like that.
I’d say 70-90% of the time I’m fine with being single at this point – it doesn’t make me sad or angry or ruin my life to think about it.  And then other times I really want to have the intimacy of a marriage relationship.  To fall in love, open myself to another, make a commitment…  And even when I’m content with my status I’m still desiring a relationship like that in the future.  Just that sometimes I get down about it – and I can’t help but think “who wants a sick mime?”
And here is this movie and it really just gets to me (I know it’s Hollywood, but still) to watch this man practically move mountains to be with the woman he loves.
Is it wrong for me to want the same thing?

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