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I know it’s most likely a really bad habit. But the first thing I do each morning, after turning off my alarm, putting drops in my eyes and filling in the night’s record on my sleep app… the first thing I do is check Facebook.

At this stage in my health, it helps me to wake up. Plus I like to get my birthday wishes out first thing…

That to say, the first thing I was inundated with this morning was a myriad of Valentine’s posts. From singles, daters, marrieds and even businesses and pages that I have “liked.” Posts of all kinds – good, bad and ugly.

So I made a decision right then. This year I would post no Valentine’s-related statuses.

No sardonic quips about National Single’s Awareness Day.

No trying to be funny (yet also self-deprecating) by, say, making my own version of those cute Doctor Who Valentine’s only with Daleks or – better yet – Cybermen: “You are not compatible!”

And no trying to overcome the first two by being hyper-spiritual and haughtily remarking how God is my true Valentine and should be for everyone else, too.

I’m planning to stick with that. So unless I find a way to post that cute unicorn comic today, you probably won’t find any Valentine’s-related status updates from me.

Yet as I rolled and stretched and sat up, then made my way into the bathroom, I realized I had a song in my head. See, for other reasons (including my upcoming doctor’s visit that I had nightmares about all night), I had turned to God before rising and made a comment about it being “me and You” today. Or was that “You and me”?

Which is likely why I found that I was subconsciously singing,

Me and You and You and me, no matter how they toss the dice, it has to be. The only one for me is You and You for me, so happy together!

So I went with that. I song those lines over a couple of times as I got into the shower.

Then I continued to outpour my love and praise…

I love you, Lord
and I lift my voice
to worship You,
O, my soul, rejoice!
Take joy, my King
in what you hear.
May it be a sweet, sweet song
in your ear.

Then, taking a cue from Sister Act, I moved back into the oldies music, adjusting words as I needed:

I love Him, I love Him, I love Him
and where He goes I’ll follow, I’ll follow, I’ll follow.
I will follow Him, follow Him wherever He may lead…

Of course, here I switch perspectives from my commitment to recalling God’s great love…

There isn’t an ocean too deep,
A mountain so high it can keep,
Keep me away, away from His love…

Which inevitably leads me to sing

I love You, I love You, I love You
and where You lead I’ll follow, I’ll follow, I’ll follow.

So then I to go into

To know, know, know Him is to love, love, love Him
Just to see Him smile, makes my life worthwhile
Yes, Yes, to know Him is to love, love, love him
And I do
 Why can’t I see? How blind can I be?
Lord, help me see
You know what’s best for me…
oh, oh, yeah…
 To know, know, know You is to love, love, love You
Just to see You smile, makes my life worthwhile
To know, know, know You is to love, love, love You
And I do

And then a new thought occurred…

He knows, knows, knows me
Yet He loves, loves, loves me
Just to see me smile
makes His plan worthwhile*
He knows, knows, knows me
Yet He loves, loves, loves me
Yes it’s true…
and I love Him, too…

And I kept singing the various lines over and over.

And it was lovely.

So why am I sharing this with you here?

Well, for starters, my blog gets less readers than my Facebook page.

But mostly because one of the ways in which I hope to encourage thought and growth (towards Christ) in others is by sharing what God has been doing in my life.

And really, the fact that I can enjoy Valentine’s Day without making a big deal of it and the fact that these “love songs to God” sprung up naturally, without thought or force… well, that is simply another example of how God is working in my life.

Because such things are graces… gifts…

Oh! Speaking of which, I’d better go and write them in my gift journal!

*Even in the moment of singing I wanted to be careful theologically… but I do believe that we can make Jesus smile. And I didn’t have the wherewithal to change the rhyme scheme…

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