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I had another strange dream last night.  Including kittens, accidents, trying to call 911 and getting random people across the world and other weird things.

But what sticks out is my response when someone asked me (during a rather tame part of the dream) where and how I pictured myself – in the future, living, doing, etc… My response was that I picture myself married, in a house -actually mentioned a multi-level house where the kitchen and living/family room are on a main level and then off to one end there are bedrooms – both upstairs and down – including a prophet room and my office/studio – and possibly a full basement, too… oh, and a big nice kitchen to cook and serve in -with a pot rack!… and my job? Taking care of our children and doing some mime and creative arts teaching/training on the side. Oh, and hosting tea parties.

And those are things which I have sometimes envisioned.  But there are other things, too, some of which have been mentioned in previous posts.  Like I could see myself single and in the city living above a mime/dance studio (or tea shop) that I work at.  Or in a little stone cottage along a rocky coast somewhere…

Thing is, I have a very active imagination.  And so it’s quite easy for me to be able to picture myself in any number of places and situations.  Easy.  Which sometimes leads me to wonder where it is that I should actually be…

The other week some new ideas and visions came to mind.  And in a way I can picture myself there and doing that, but it’s nothing like what I have thought before. So I pondered what it could mean…

Then earlier this week I was speaking to a friend about a new direction and vision which God has given them.  And I’ve since started to pray for that family – in more detail than I thought I could – regarding this new direction.  It occurred to me during my prayers this morning that I can pray specifically because God’s vision for them is actually related (similar, and yet different) than the vision I had recently been seeing myself!  Which got me to thinking…

I’m an artist.  Artists tend to be visionaries and God has often worked through artists to birth visions.  To plow, sow, water, nourish… I’ve seen it in my own life time and time again how ideas and visions I have (and share or try to bring about) tend to happen further down the road, after I’ve passed on from there or even in someone else’s life.

So maybe that is my role and my visions and ideas and goals and dreams are typically intended for others.  To prepare the soil, to sow the seed, to be able to pray specifically and encourage.

And that’s cool!  I can handle that.

But in thinking all this (which, of course, didn’t take quite as long as trying to write it out and explain it), a verse came to mind.  As a prayer.  Exodus 1:21.

And because the midwives feared God, he gave them families of their own.

The midwives were faithful in their job helping to birth new life.  And so God gave them new little lives of their own.  So a desire and a prayer surfaced from my heart to my lips this morning. “Lord, even as I am faithful, and seek to be faithful in this role you’ve given me, of plowing, sowing, planting – birthing Your visions here for others – grant me a vision of my own.”

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