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“Peace be with you.”

Jesus says it (or similar variations) several times throughout the gospels. Most of the time it’s when the disciples are frightened out of their minds…

…which is where I first encountered it today when reading John 20:19-23.  Just like Luke also records, after his resurrection when the disciples were freaking out and hiding out (and terribly confused, disoriented & frightened), Jesus came into their midst and says “Peace…”

But here is what caught my attention.  Jesus says “Peace be with you” twice in the passage.

The first time they were frightened.  The second they were rejoicing.


They recognized him, saw his wounds and were rejoicing that the Lord had risen when he again says, “Peace…”

Only this time it was followed by a call.  “As the Father sent me, so I am sending you.”

Could it be that the peace of Jesus does more than calm our fears?  Could it be that peace is also given to us as a precursor to our call – to enable it even?

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